Carlota is an electronic music producer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany. Raised amidst the natural environment of the Balearic Islands.

After obtaining a degree in sound engineering, Carlota gravitated towards modular synths as her machines of choice. Since then, she has devoted her workflow to exploring the outer reaches of generative sound production. Employing a musical philosophy that is governed by improvisation and intuition, Carlota’s sonic imprint takes us down the most abstract of rabbit holes - constantly searching for the weird and wonderful, with results that often evade formal description.

Following a number of highly acclaimed appearances on трип Recordings - which culminated in her 2020 debut solo EP ‘The Bow’ - Carlota continues to interrogate the artistic potentials of sonic machinery. Aesthetically, her sound reflects melodic leads wander through complex rhythmic structures, whilst zoning in on a peculiar combination of cross-rhythms and looping motifs.

Drawing upon a compositional approach that sits somewhere between live improvised jazz and phase-shifting minimalism.



the bow [трип Recordings 2020 - TRP031] SEE MORE

Requiems For Refuge Vol. 2 [Unrush 2020 -The Unrush Tapes 002] SEE MORE

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RA (January 2019)

"The adventurers this time are a mix of label regulars and newcomers, with the latter giving a particularly strong account of themselves. It'd be pretty mind-bending to hear the arrangement transitions in Carlota's "Your Destination" on a big soundsystem. The track slinks through three different sections, bringing to mind the unhinged end of Ricardo Villalobos.
Her second contribution, "Noise Psychosis," sounds the way a big modular system looks: tangled, colourful and bewildering.
These tracks seem to be the first released music from the Berlin-based artist, who's also one half of the live modular duo Kitmun. She feels like an excellent fit for Trip."

PITCHFORK (January 2019)

"Spanish producer Carlota, one of three newcomers to the label, alongside Buttechno and Snazzy, shares this sense of absurdity.
Her two tracks, the outstanding “Your Destination” and the chilling “Noise Psychosis,” may be darker than Buttechno’s screwy electronics, but they are so deviously twisted in their execution, riffs melting and mutating like phantoms in an electronic house of mirrors, that they both delight and disorient.
The result is a kind of chilly, metallic psychedelia, rooting the genre in the frozen steppes of Siberia rather than San Francisco’s Summer of Love."





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